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Technology has been a constant thread throughout my life. No matter what activity I have been engaged in, and I've been a student, financial analyst, programmer, software localization manager, consultant, negotiator, herbalist, acupuncturist, professor, web application developer... I've always worked technology into the mix to solve problems or increase efficiency.

I'm currently studying data science. For reasons you can read about here I came across Obsidian and the ideas of Zettelkasten and Personal Knowledge Management. This software and these concepts have so much impressed me that much of this site is dedicated to teaching how to use it.

This site also gives me the chance to use the wonderful Svelte framework and share my experience with other tech, especially Linux, with which I have a long history. I'm especially excited about NixOS, which is an entirely different approach to operating systems.

I'm experienced with...

Have a project in mind? Reach out to me at biscotty666@gmail.comand let's make it happen.