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Obsidian: The mechanics of Graph View

Obsidian: The mechanics of Graph View
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Core functionality in Obsidian seems to be somewhat overlooked. I have written in other articles about using Search, Bookmarks, and Unique Notes for Freeing Your Thinking. In these videos, I demonstrate the functionality of another core component, Graph View.

A graph is a specific data structure consisting of nodes and edges. Obsidian consists of notes which are linked together. This type of data can be stored in a non-relational database. With links and metadata, Obsidian is a non-relational database.

For these reasons, graph view is a powerful way to visualize your data. Graph view is a force directed graph drawing. Where Obsidian search is the best way to find information, graph view is the best way to visualize information and discovering relationships which have not been defined, such as orphans.

These videos go through the details of the graph view functionality in the hope that you will begin to use it to visualize data.

Part 1

Part 2